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We categorize real estate in two areas. On the one hand in the commercial real estate and on the other hand in the private real estates. However, in both areas, Guetig Consulting sets the same standard for marketing your property discreetly, reliably and, above all, off-market. Benefit from over 20 years of experience and the growing network of Guetig Consultig.

We have a first-class international presence in both directions, with respectable access to institutional investors, asset managers, funds, family offices and very wealthy private investors on the buyer side. Through the seller side, we have a comprehensive international database of real estate and projects that are included in our inventory.


Commercial Property


Real Estate Projects


Private Property

Successful transactions of commercial real estate and real estate projects

Guetig Consulting is OFF MARKET specialist for international commercial property and real estate projects in all asset classes. At the same time we accompany you discreetly and professionally if you want to sell as a commercial real estate owner or if you want to acquire it as a prospective buyer. Our activity of conducting and successfully completing transactions also translates into project developments and fully planned and approved real estate projects.

Our valued clients include institutional investors, family offices, funds and wealthy individual investors from around the world. We look after the traffic in both directions and can serve you individually in your project purposefully with our performance. With its many years of know-how, Guetig Consulting provides you with the perfect interface between buyer and seller.


You want to sell your commercial property or real estate project?

Guetig Consulting is your partner who is qualified, discreet and successful. Starting with the inventory of your commercial property on the preparation of the necessary documents to notarization. If you want to learn more about commercial real estate selling, then visit our specially created page:  Immobilien verkaufen


Are you looking for a high-yield commercial property for acquisition?

The enormous network of Guetig Consulting, which has grown over two decades, once again distinguishes us. This gives you access to OFF MARKET real estate and real estate projects that are for sale through our company. We look outside the box and not only have asset classes such as office buildings and logistics centers ready for you, but also special properties.


Guetig Consulting Your strong partner in all asset classes


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Shopping Mall


Real Estate Projects


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Hotel Estate

Special real estate

A very clear classification in the field of special real estate does not exist, but you can still attribute certain properties to this classification. To give a concrete example of a special or special property, we take probably the most typical example, namely the hotel property. Most real estate agents designate the type of real estate as commercial real estate which does not apply in the classical sense.

Special real estates are built usually only for a very specific purpose and their conversion or in technical terms called rededication, not or only with great effort is possible. This class of asset also includes, for example, Car stations, port facilities, airports or stadiums.

Would you like to know more about our commercial real estate and projects? Then we look forward to your noncommittal inquiry about the  Kontaktformular

Private real estate is an exclusive segment of Guetig Consulting

Guetig Consulting is your off market specialist for the successful placement of exclusive and high-quality private real estate in excellent locations. Our clients appreciate our discretion, expert advice and our first class selection of prestigious international real estate. Our repertoire is tailored to our clientele and offers worldwide access to the very special properties.


Are you looking for a luxury property in top locations in the world?

The specialists at Guetig Consulting offer you access to extravagant properties, luxury apartments and special properties such as castles.

luxury apartments

We divide the category into simplex and duplex apartments and thus meet every specific customer request. The sizes start from 70 m² for an apartment in Monaco and range from a 350 m² apartment in Dubai with Marina View to the high class segment with views of Central Park in New York. Of course, we see our mandate in the holistic care of our customers. We are happy to be at your disposal when it comes to designing your new apartment via interior designer according to your very special wishes. Formalities are gladly taken over by us so that you can take care of your core business and enjoy your new home.


Looking for an apartment in Monaco?


Buy Simplex Apartment in Dubai


Sell Duplex Apartment in New York

Luxury villas and fincas

A luxury villa or finca is usually a retreat for you and your family and should at the same time have the charm and character to represent you worthily. Whether you are looking for a holiday home with sea views in Marbella or on the beautiful Balearic island of Majorca or Ibiza, a permanent residence in Munich Grünwald, a villa from the selected holdings of Guetig Consulting will delight you and your family. Whether you want a sale or want to relocate your food focus, the Guetig Consulting accompanies you discretely and successfully from the beginning. We take a lot of time to evaluate your property and to prepare for a sale. You want to buy a villa in a top location? We are happy to record your wishes in detail and are looking specifically for your future family property.


Villa in Marbella or Finca in Mallorca


Villa and luxury property in the top 50


High end luxury villas of the extra class

We finally give you a promise and take “OFF MARKET" literally!

Marketing real estate in the “OFF MARKET" sector means having the right contacts.

Off Market Immobilien kaufen oder verkaufen über die Guetig Consulting

You benefit from a network of Guetig Consulting and our promise grown over 20 years. Some companies advertise their real estate for sale off-market. Take a close look, because after all, it’s about you and your property. We are Off Market Specialists, both before and after a transaction. Our clients appreciate this and can fully rely on it.

The Guetig Consulting goes straight away when it comes to your property and consciously dispenses with real estate portals, broker chains and Co.

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